Xiu Xiu - Forget

Xiu Xiu — Forget

Polyvinyl, 2017

Forget combines art rock with spoken word poetry and experimental club music for an accessible (if somewhat incongruous) take on a typical Xiu Xiu album. With an eclectic mix of features from the likes of genderqueer drag artist Vaginal Davis and carillon legend Charlemagne Palestine, the album splices poetic and musical forms to yield original, alchemical combinations.

RIYD: Clarence Clarity, The Microphones, Animal Collective, Arca


1. The Call NO PLAY, but this song is dope. Glitchy, fast-moving banger.

2. Queen of the Losers — ●●● AFTER 10. Abrasive noise pop with wavering, impassioned vocals from frontman Jamie Stewart.

3. Wondering — ●●●●● Danceable! Love that distorted chorus.

4. Get Up — ●●●●● Sad, spare lyrics with subtle instrumentation. Amazing crescendo at the end.

5. Hay Choco Bananas — ●●●● Slow build to super intense distortion around the 2:30 mark.

6. Jenny GoGo — ●●●● Dark, experimental whispers with foreboding bass. Cool synths and a screamed climax, JENNY JENNY WHOA

7. At Last, At Last — ●●●● Really beautiful explosion of sound, in distortion.

8. Forget — ●●●●● Epic in its weirdness. Feels almost glam, or Bowie-ish.

9. Petite — ●●●● A low-key track, with some nice strums n strings underneath the vocals.

10. Faith, Torn Apart — ●●●●● First half is an aggressive ballad, second half is drone music with spoken word poetry from Vaginal Davis. The poetry is mesmerizing.

Will Gottsegen