Laraaji - Ambient 3: Day of Radiance

Laraaji — Ambient 3: Day of Radiance

E.G Records, 1980

Day of Radiance is the third entry in Brian Eno’s Ambient series, but Eno is only responsible for production. The creative force at the head of this project is really Laraaji, whose acoustic zither and dulcimer melodies marked an important turn for both the series and the ambient genre as a whole. The story is that Eno came across Laraaji busking in Washington Square Park and was so impressed that he asked him to record an album on the spot. That sense of spontaneity has found its way into the music. Gone are the minimalist electronics of Music for Airports -- what we get on this album is a shimmering ambient universe, progressive and unafraid. Expansive maximalism trades somber peacefulness for ecstatic, sunny sound. Just repetitive, glowing textures. Forever.

RIYD: New age, ambient, hammered dulcimer, zither, sunlight, shining and shimmering and glowing


The Dance:

1. #1 [9:06] — Repetitive, speedy notes. “The Dance” is all about radiant energy.

2. #2 [9:39] — Extension of #1. Moves into more discordant harmonies.

3. #3 [3:15] — Dark, heavy molasses seeps into this one. Lots of sustain.



4. #1 [18:42] — Like the title says, this is meditation. Slower, more ambient than “The Dance.” Harps and ambient strings take you in and out of the dream.

5. #2 [7:50] — The atmospheric vibe continues here, but with a sense of anxiety you don’t necessarily get in part 1.

Will Gottsegen