Kelela - Take Me Apart

Kelela — Take Me Apart

Warp, 2017


Kelela Mizanekristos really outdoes herself on her debut LP. This is exquisite, ecstatic electronic music that oscillates between soft and harsh, pain and pleasure. It’s a breakup album, an ode to romantic love and a collection of club-rattling experimental bangers.

RIYD: Solange, Arca, club meets r&b meets experimental pop

BEST: 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 12, 14, all of them tbh


1. Frontline [5:39] — Rich, layered vocals over an eminently danceable beat. The album begins with a break-up.

2. Waitin [3:15] — Running into that person you just broke up with… awkward! Kelela takes that moment and makes it this totally beautiful instance of longing.

3. Take Me Apart [4:03] — Intimate lyrics over an epic, expansive sonic landscape.

4. Enough [5:09] — Gorgeous, explosive Arca production. This is pop music collapsing in on itself.

5. Jupiter [2:05] — Minimal electronic instrumentation and silky vocals melt in your mouth.

6. Better [4:26] — Catchy as hell. More slow, minimal ambient soundscapes.

7. LMK [3:38] — Dark, clubby instrumental. Shit slaps.

8. Truth Or Dare [4:12] — Glitchy, disjointed sex-pop.

9. S.O.S [2:22] — Warping harmonies in the electronic fuzz behind the vocals. Things are slowing down, here.

10. Blue Light [3:37] — Electric energy injection. Angular production.

11. Onanon [4:32] — Patched-together samples and some really adventurous instrumentation form a kind of sad sonic collage. We go on and on and on and on…

12. Turn To Dust [4:29] — Sumptuous cello and plucked strings meet electronic noise. One of the prettiest instrumentals on the album.

13. Bluff [1:12] — Short, catchy, minimal.

14. Altadena [5:11] — Truly my favorite track. Wild slow jam. Play it.

Will Gottsegen