Ricky Eat Acid - am i happy, singing_

Ricky Eat Acid — am i happy, singing_

s/r, 2018


Ricky Eat Acid is an ambient/experimental music project from Maryland’s Sam Ray, the guy behind indie-emo-rock group Teen Suicide. On past releases, he’s come close to what you might call “emo experimental” — like, the American Football of electronic music. Three Loves Songs gave us suburban tragedy and teenage heartbreak all rolled up in these gorgeous sonic vignettes. But this new project forgoes the sample-heavy stuff of previous releases in favor of pure, ecstatic electronics. Sit with your sorrow — learn from it. All of Sam Ray’s meager sadnesses are yours.

RIYD: emo, ambient, lush sound, meadows, bright electronics

BEST:  3


1. ‘sitting in a diner [7:09] — Splintered mirrors, cerebral harmonies and glittering chrome landscapes

2. two_beautiful ways of moving_your_hands [6:29] — Lush strings constantly fracturing and piecing themselves back together.

3. am I happy, singing_ [17:10] — Ocean of ambient bliss. Best track by far and one of the best things Ray has ever put out.

Will Gottsegen